Post Game Update

I was just emailing a friend late last night, telling him how I’ve been pretty good about keeping the blog up to date, and then I realized I was a damn liar, so here I am Sunday morning, keeping my word. I finished two projects this week, at least tentatively until I get final approval. The first is “Level of Trust” by director Steve Royall. Steve’s film is about murder and double cross, and the intensity is non-stop from start to finish in the span of 20 minutes. For Steve’s film I employed some techniques I used on “The First Time” (which you can see at the LA Shorts Film Festival in a few weeks. I’ll be there with the director Saturday and Sunday), which included a tremolo cello sample that sounds frightening real as the underlying “beat.” the score has a purposely absent melody, because in Steve’s film it’s all about the uneasiness and lack of stability his characters bring to the screen, and I wanted the music to represent that as well. Once I get final approval, some of the cues will be represented on my site. 

I also wrote two pieces of music for the official website of Broken Hearts Club, the indie feature I’m scoring this January. Director Angelo Bell wanted something that could play over the intro to the site, as well as carrying through the other pages as the reader browsed the cast and crew profiles. I wrote an upbeat cue entitled Whole Hearted, and a somber piece called Broken Hearted, giving him the opportunity to choose. He chose both, and, along with the two separate cues, I created one piece that melded them together. The site should be up and running shortly; count on me to let you know exactly when it’s up so I can send you there.

Angelo and I met for dinner one night last week in downtown Long Beach at George’s Greek Deli. We sat down to talk about the feature, catch up on personal details in each other’s lives, and go over our plan for Bell/Gokee Films. The concept of BG Films came up one night over dinner and wine (we try and meet semi-regularly) when Angelo was talking about editing actor’s reels on the side for extra income. I suggested that I’d jump in if we could work custom scoring into the scenario, that 300 watt bulb inside Angelo’s head went off, and the next day he emailed me a proposal. He’d write a 2-3 page script for an actor, provide someone to play off of, shoot the whole thing in one day, edit it, I’d score it, and the actor would have a custom scene (tailored to them) for their reel, which was enticing if your reel was lacking in certain areas. We came up with a name, then we came up with another name that wasn’t already being used, and Bell/Gokee Films was born. My role is to help manage the marketing, assist on set, and score the finished video. Almost immediately someone asked me if I had stopped composing now that I was part of a production company, and my answer was HELL NO. This venture is a side project for both of us, and take a back seat to our main roles as a director and a composer. We’re working on a special deal this month that I’ll unveil in a later blog, but I anticipate a slowdown from December to March as Broken Hearts Club jumps into the fray. Email me if you want more details, although I don’t suspect there are a lot of actors following my blog on a regular basis.

Finally (speaking of actors), I wanted to give a shout out to an amazing actor and a friend of mine, Jeff Torres. I’ve scored 3 films that starred Jeff, and a fourth and fifth are in the wings. Jeff does an outstanding job with every role he’s given, you can see the commitment to character that he gives on the screen. Jeff spent the last month in Texas shooting a feature, and we’re trying to find time for lunch before he goes back. When you get a chance, stop by Jeff’s MySpace page or his IMDb profile and show some love. Or go to the screening for “The First Time” at the LA Shorts Film Fest, see him on the big screen and meet him in person. Check my blog earlier this week for location and dates.

Finally (really this time), A friend of mine, producer Cat Fobi, recently quit blogging after a year of chronicling the making of her feature film debut “Waking Up With Monsters.” I met Cat through her blog, and was inspired to start my own after reading hers. Cat’s film is almost finished, and she’s become burned out with the task of maintaining the blog. One of her reasons for leaving was a lack comments from her readers, which I’m sure is a concern of most bloggers. You want to know what the people reading are thinking about, and what they agree and disagree with. I blog for a slightly different reason. I’ve kept a journal on and off my entire life, since middle school. I write so that I can get my ideas and opinions out on the page. If 100 people want to read a blog I write complaining about, say, the christian right or our current administration, and no one comments, I’m OK with that. I’m happy to answer any questions about something I blog about, but it’s as much for me as it is for the web. I know quite a few bloggers that are here for conversation; I’ve been talking to myself for a long time, and I’ll still be doing it 20 years from now, even if no one’s listening. I’m going to miss your blogs, Cat, and I’m glad I met you. I’m a better person for having played “comment tag” with you on each others’ blogs for the last 6 months, and your opinions and views on the world have opened me to ideas I was unaware of. You’re also a damn good filmmaker and actress. Go read her blog, and leave her a comment when you read something Cat wrote that moves you. I did.

OK, that’s it for today. The Gokee ToDo List is long, and the blog is but one thing. Peace.