Pre-Pilot Season

I’ve started the quest to score a pilot (or three) next season. I’ve got a broad list together of potential pilots, and next week (in between writing) I’ll be getting demos together and preparing a marketing strategy. 

A quick word about Vista. I’ve finally finished loading all my programs onto the laptop, moving folders and reorganizing all the files (which, secretly, I like doing. A lot.). The laptop came with Vista, not my choice. I’ve determined that, on a computer that’s used for the web, playing music and videos, website creation and accounting, Vista works pretty damn well. This computer has dual Athelon 64 processors and 1 GB of RAM, and I have no problem running Firefox, Outlook 07, iTunes and the Vista interface all at the same time (although the battery hates me). For Pro Tools or Gigastudio I’d never switch from XP, and I’ve had some issues trying to sync my Palm T/X (a full day of issues, thank you, that are thankfully fixed), but everything else converted over nicely. I thought the whole “allow/deny” thing would be a nuisance, but it’s actually not that bad, and I feel safer with my info knowning the firewall is stopping most of the crap out there. At least this week.

Next up is a Mini Mac for the studio. And a pilot to score.