Quick Update

Hey everyone,

I had a few minutes to spare (rare this month) and thought I’d do a quick update and give some ups to a few directors.

I just finished working on three shorts for the On The Lot competition, all three by great filmmakers who deserve to go to the final 16. The first was for a friend of mine and it’s title “Awake.” I should be cutting the score into cues and uploading them here shortly. The second film, “Renounced,” is by Writer/Director Angelo Bell. Angelo needed a replacement cue for an Evenescence song he was using, and I was happy to offer my services. The third is “No Greater Love,” and it was written/directed/produced by Jim and Kathy Choinere of Excellent Journey Pictures. I’m extremely proud of the score we used, it’s one of the most moving pieces I’ve written for film, and it will show itself on my page soon.

For the rest of February, I’m working on the short horror film “Office Beast” by Brickhouse Pictures, and I’m scoring a film for the 168 Hour Film Festival with Jim Choinere of EJ Pictures. I’m also finishing up some last minute score changes for the short film “Mugger Clowns” by Mid-Nite Diner Productions.

In March and April I’m scoring the horror feature “Eyes of the Woods,” produced by Monster Fx (I’ll keep you posted on this in a future blog based around my process for scoring this film, and distribution information).

Writer/Actress Kimberly Prendez is hoping to shoot her short film “Until Next Time” this spring as well, we’re hoping to collaborate on a score for the film sometime this year. Kimberly is an amazing actress, adept writer, and driven to succeed. Her profile is on my page, check her out when you get a chance.

Before that, Angelo Bell and 319 Productions starts production on his feature “Broken Hearts Club, ” with shooting beginning this summer and post in the fall of 2007. Feel free to visit his page (he’s in my 24 as well), check out the short version of the flick, and subscribe to Angelo’s blog, where I occasionally kick in my 2 cents.

It’s shaping up to be an exciting year, I have a few other projects in the works that I can’t mention yet, but you’ll be the first to know when things are final.

Have a great rest of the month, the next update I do in a few weeks will have new cues from the projects I’ve been working on, and the first entry in “dissection,” my new blog series based around my creative process.

Take care, thanks for reading.