RailFans: Chasing Trains now on sale (score by Rob Gokee)

“Railfans Chasing Trains” is a 70-minute documentary that follows three Railfans who, bonded as friends 30 years earlier by their love of trains, reunite for the chase again and embark on a five day journey across four states hunting the Big Iron from BSNF and UP. Utilizing state of the art tools such as GPS tracking to locate trains, Kurt Haubrich, Bill Choiniere and Dan Hunter follow a precisely planned route across Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska and into Wyoming racing these giants in hopes of capturing the perfect shot and, perhaps, their youth.

Why chase trains? Because they’re Railfans! Railfans come in all shapes and sizes – they’re young and old and come from all walks of life. Some chase these diesel/electric or steam powered giants for sport – it’s the thrill of the hunt for them. Others are drawn to their magnificent size and overwhelming power. And still some seek the romance of trains. Whatever their reason, “Railfans Chasing Trains” has captured the essence of who Railfans are and why they love to chase trains, making this the perfect gift for the train enthusiast in your life.

From North Platte, Grand Island, and Alliance in Nebraska, to Cheyenne, Wyoming, these three Minnesota Railfans make many stops on their trip – some scheduled and others a surprise! The highlight of their trip was capturing footage of the elusive TRT-909 Track Renewal Train in action as it laid track along a UP main line.

“Railfans Chasing Trains”, which contains 50 minutes of bonus footage, includes extended footage of the TRT -909 Track Renewal Train in action, route planning, a safety briefing and more.

UPDATE:  The film has been picked up for distribution by Lucine Distribution, so the filmmakers have stopped selling copies on their site.  When I get a release date I’ll post the info here.