Random Music Memory

The Tubes “She’s A Beauty” just randomly came up in iTunes and I remember why I still have it in my library. When I was around 12, I remember this was being played on the radio (KIIS FM here in LA). One weekend I spent the night at my grandparents house (they lived a mile or two away then), and I was determined to record a copy of the song. On cassette. (shut up). I stayed up all night, waiting for KIIS to play the song so I could record it. I even requested it multiple times, and I’m sure the DJ just dismissed me as a stupid kid and ignored the request. The sun literally came up, and the song had still not come on (it was still in heavy rotation at the time). Finally, I had to pee. I left, and when I came back 2 minutes later… the song was playing, and half over.


I think I screamed out loud.