Yes, that’s what I’m asking of all of you out there for my extended absence… a reprieve. Sorry for the delay in posting, I’ve been spending far too much time with my MySpace blog and neglected this one.

No longer.

I’ve purged my MySpace page of “friends,” and canceled the blog on my page. My purpose is to refocus my web exposure to the business side of things, and MySpace was turning into a personal page. If I had the time to maintain that, it’d be fine, but I don’t. This year has been OUTRAGEOUSLY busy. Last year I had to look for work 100% of the time, this year it’s about 15%. I’ve met some wonderful and talented people on MySpace, and I will continue to do so, only not in a mass media kind of way. I’m going to market that site one filmmaker at a time.

However, my need to blog has to be satiated, and I want this space to be my outlet. This blog will be a more personal space, where, if I desire to put you to sleep, I I can chronicle day to day activities. Like the fact that it’s 8:25 am, Olive (dog #1) and I are in the studio right now, I’m on my first cup of coffee and Olive is sleeping on the couch. I shall try to incorporate more pictures in this blog, as my better half Hannah does in hers. Also, I promised ‘Space readers a series in which I dissect my process when scoring a film. It’s still coming, but right here.

Watch this space, boys and girls, and thanks for reading.