R.I.P. Rob’s MySpace 2005-2007

It will not be missed. Yesterday I sent out 84 emails to my “friends,” letting them know I was moving onward and upward. I deleted and disabled everything except my bio and the links to my site, this blog, and my Tribe Hollywood profile. It feels good to be gone from the site. I made some great connections, both business and personal, but since January it’s just been a waste of time to log in and attempt to make new connections. If I was a director promoting my film, MySpace would be the first place I’d set up shop, and I’d market it to the thousands and thousands of 18-35 year olds that are potential movie-goers. But as a composer, it’s not the best place to find work. There are very few needles in the MySpace haystack, and I’m content with the few I’ve found in the two years of effort I put into my page and connections. Most of the people I care about, socially and professionally, already have my email address and I talk to by email and text anyway. So it’s gone, just a placeholder remains for now. It’s time to market the hell out of TribeH and the other resources I’ve come across. 

Also, I recently traded in my Motorola RAZR V3 phone for an LG Chocolate. The RAZR, after one 1 year, was starting to fall apart. I’m overly careful with my phones, mostly because I’m a spaz and have to overcompensate so that my phone doesn’t hit the ground twice a day. the RAZR’s buttons were falling off, and the female charge end was loose, and the phone wasn’t charging correctly. I’m still in love with my Palm T/X, and not ready to spend hundreds of dollars on a Blackberry or Treo yet, and Verizon’s upgrade program gave me the LG Chocolate at almost a wash, so it was a no brainer. I wish I’d gotten it a year ago, it’s so much better than the RAZR. Not only is it more compact, but I can access my email from the phone, eliminating the need to have a wifi signal and the Palm T/X for emailing. Three cheers for LG.