Saturday is not a day off, despite the popular myth

Although I spent years and years studying film scoring, both at universities and on my own, and interning with other composers, I have only been soliciting my own work for the last year and a half. I have a 5 year plan, which can be adjusted up to 20 years if necessary. The entire time I’ve been working as a composer, I’ve always held onto a part time job to supplement my income. It’s convenient to have money dropped into your account that you forget about, and it allows me cushion when jobs come along that have little to no pay.

For just over the last year that job has been a receptionist for a real estate office in Malibu. It’s a job that requires very little work, pays fairly well, and leaves me the opportunity to do emailing and marketing while being paid by someone else (when I interviewed, that was one of the things they actually pushed as a benefit to the job). One of my goals for Year 2 (this year) was to replace this job with steady composing income, and I’m so close I can almost taste it. That makes going to Malibu every weekend that much harder, because the light at the end of the tunnel is starting to blind me.

Malibu is an interesting town. If you’re into celeb watching, it’s the place to hang out. I see “famous” people walking around every weekend, and the paparazzi that follow them around. It’s a very insular town, you’d think you were in the middle of nowhere and the town sustained itself without the benefit of Hollywood. But I digress.

I realized this week that I have yet to take an actual “day off” this year. I work Mon through Fri for myself, and spend Saturday and Sunday at the “job.” If I’m not writing music, then I’m marketing or researching or building samples. And while it doesn’t feel like work to me, occasionally my body says, “What the fuck?!”

Occasionally I listen. This week I tried to modify my sked a bit, working for a few hours in the morning and then spending the afternoons with Hannah. It was nice, although by Friday I was starting to stress over all the work I wanted to get done this week. I need to get over to the gym next week and get back on an exercise sked as well.

I listened to an amazing score this weekend, and proceeded to buy it (what did I do before iTunes was invented?). It’s Steve Jablonsky’s score for the anime film Steamboy. I loved his work on The Island, and I’m beginning to see a trend of great work from him. I’m anxious to hear the score for Transformers, which he wrote while also scoring Desperate Housewives. I’m a huge fan of anyone who can multitask like that. Michael Giacchino is another one.

That’s about it for now, thanks for reading.