She Said Yes – Part 1: The Mission

On March 25th, 2011, this happened.

But I knew it was going to happen 6 months prior. This is the story of how I proposed to Allison Vanore.

Part One: The Mission

Most of you know how Allison and I met. It’s in the book. Also, if you search back a few months, the book is posted in the blog. So you don’t even have to buy the damn thing, you just have to search the blog. If you’re really lazy, ask me to send you the eBook. But expect me to call you lazy.

Fine, Lazy People, here’s the quick version:

Rob get on Twitter. Rob not understand Twitter. Rob have girlfriend for many years. Said “girlfriend” decided to move away. Rob sad. Rob get drunk & talk about not wearing pants on Twitter. Rob meet friend named Allison. Rob start getting lots of Twitter followers and work on Twitter. Rob puzzled, but happier. Rob & Allison start talking all the time. Rob have crush on Allison. Allison have crush on Rob for long time, Rob too slow to figure it out. Rob & Allison go out on date. Rob & Allison inseparable and move in together.

I knew, after the first date with Allison, that if things progressed positively, I’d want to marry her. She was different than anyone I’d ever met or dated in my entire life. So much so that I wrote a book about her. It was just a feeling I had about her; her personality, the way she talked to me, the way she breathed, blinked, smiled, existed.

From the first week we started dating, we’ve spent almost every waking minute together. Working, playing, talking – we just don’t ever get tired of being around each other. She’s the most independent woman I’ve ever met, and successful to boot. So I knew that, if I fell in love with her, that I’d want to marry her and have small children with her.

In October 0f 2010, I realized that I wanted to spend my life with her, so I set the plan for asking her in motion. I’d never proposed to someone (when I got married at 18, the proposal was in a car in a parking lot, so it was not a real proposal), I wanted to go big, because this would be the only time in the rest of my life that I’d ask this question of someone.

Now, I’m a horrible secret-keeper. It’s hard enough for me to do at Christmas and birthdays, but this was the biggest secret I’d ever had, and it was imperative that no one found out. But, I had to confide in someone, someone who had gone through it themselves. Enter Jorge Urbina. Aside from being the best Director of Photography in the state of California, Jorge was my best friend, and had just gone through the engagement/marriage process, so he was the perfect sounding board.

The first hurdle: asking her father for permission.

to be continued…