She Said Yes – Part 3: The Plan

Part Three: The Plan

I had a plan. Because of what we do for a living, the proposal needed to involve music and film. We have thousands of photos chronicling our relationship, so I decided to create a slideshow of our life together, and write an original piece of music to play over it. Then I’d shoot a video of myself, telling her how I felt about her. Piece of cake.

Originally, I was going to do it at CineSpace in Hollywood. I concocted a plan which involved taking her out to a “premiere,” and then when we showed up to the theater, there was no one around but us. Meanwhile, I’d coordinate with all our friends and family to sneak in and hide in the bar area, so that they’d be there when she said yes. I’d screen the film, get down on one knee, she’d say yes, and everyone would come out and we’d have one big party.

There were a few “hiccups” in that plan. First, if she said no, it could get a little awkward. Realistically, if she said no, I don’t know that I’d care where it happened or who was there, so I decided it was a calculated risk. Second, I had to hope that no one invited would spill the beans, even accidentally. When only two people knew about it (Jorge and Allie’s friend Erin Fleming, who was actually the first one to know and instrumental as a sounding board), it was easy to maintain secrecy. But when you let 200 people in on the secret, it’s very likely someone will say something on Twitter or Facebook, even by accident. I wavered a little in my plan, but I thought maybe I could find some way to control the flow of information, so I forged ahead.

But I forgot something. Something huge.

Allison is a fairly private person. Why the hell would I do something publicly that was supposed to be a very private moment? When I talked to her father, and mentioned the plan, he told me he thought private was the way to go. And who knows her better than her parents? Her dad put it best: “The engagement should be an event between you and her. If you want to have a party after that, go ahead. But make the question-popping private.” It was that day, the day I asked her father for permission, that I decided that I’d do it at home.

But when?

to be continued…