She Said Yes – Part 5: Execution

Part Five: Execution

I decided that I wanted to ask Allison to marry me in June. It was close enough to our 2 year anniversary, but far enough away from our birthdays so that the date was special on it’s own.  But, much like scheduling a film shoot, a snag appeared.

Purgatory Inc, a film Allie produced and I scored, got into the Garden State Film Festival, and Allison decided to go to represent the film. She was going to be gone for a week at the beginning of April. Erin Fleming, one of Allie’s best friends and the only other person who knew about me popping the question, came up with the brilliant idea of me asking Allie before she went home for the fest. It’s not that Erin doesn’t normally have brilliant ideas. This one was just exceptionally good. I’d ask her before she left town, then she could show off the ring and tell everyone in person.

Suddenly, I had moved up the Question Popping by 3 months, so there was some urgency to finish the movie/song and get the ring ready.

I had decided, months prior, to give her my grandmother’s wedding ring. My grandma passed away in 1992, I was very close to my grandma growing up, she even lived next door to me for a chunk of my childhood. When she passed away, my dad got her wedding ring, and passed it on to me, and told me to save it for the right person. I was never more sure in my entire life that I’d found her.

At first, I looked at having stones added around the diamond, or having a larger diamond placed. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that the whole point of giving her that ring was the meaning behind it. Making changes to the ring would take away from it, not enhance. She could pick the wedding ring out herself, and design it the way she wanted. This ring had to stay true to whart it was when my grandmother wore it.

I had the ring sized to fit Allie’s finger and cleaned. I remember the day I picked it up from the jeweler’s and held it in my hand. The jewel had reboxed it, and when she opened it to show me what they’d done, it took my breath away. It was a defining moment when all the “virtual” plans I was making were suddenly corporeal, and right in front of me. It was exciting and scary all at once.

Shit had indeed gotten real.

to be continued…