She Said Yes – Part 6: The Question & The Answer

This is from a few hours after she said yes, while calling friends & family.



Part 6: The Question & The Answer

I had planned on asking her the Monday night before she left town for the fest. But then, because she’s such an in-demand producer, she scheduled a meeting Monday night. I was starting to panic that my window of opportunity was closing on my hands.

If we were on Twitter, that sentence would have been “…opportunity was closing on my penis,” because that’s how I roll on Twitter. But this is a family-friendly blog, so I won’t use the word “penis” here. You’re welcome.

Suddenly, Saturday, which was booked, opened up. I decided, Saturday morning, that it was going to be that night.  Allison’s sister, Krista, who moved out to LA from Jersey, was staying with us, so I called her into the studio that morning after Allie left for a meeting.
Krista: What’s up?

Rob: Hey. So, tonight I’m going to ask you sister to marry me.

Krista: Whoa. OK, so I’ll go to the movies.

Rob: Cool.

I decided that I’d cook her dinner, and make her the first meal I ever cooked for her: Jamie Oliver’s Simple Lasagna and Lavender Creme Brulee. I cook with Jamie’s cookbooks almost exclusively, if I thought I could get him to cook for my wedding, I’d fly to England and beg. But I digress.

The plan I had come up with for getting the video in front of her eyes was to splice it into whatever we were going to be watching that night, which required me to wait until the last minute, and choose the right show (we’re TV people, we don’t watch movies nearly as much as we watch television).

This was the episode I used in my proposal. It's also when Arizona (left) proposed to Callie (right)


One thing I never watched before Allison was Grey’s Anatomy. I really wanted to dislike the show, but it sucked me in with great writing and likable characters. (shakes fist at Shonda Rhimes).  I watched the show in a strange way. The first episode I ever saw was the Season 6 premiere, so as we worked through Seasons 6 & 7, we simultaneously watched Seasons 1 through 5. It was interesting to say the least, and I’ve never watched a show that way before, but it worked. Shonda is an amazing showrunner, and there are two things that made me fall in love with the show: 1) The dialogue and jokes are smart, and 2) It’s a depressing show that isn’t afraid to kill off it’s main cast. Rarely does an episode end on a happy note, ever, and that makes it one of my favorite shows on television.

It made sense that, if I was going to splice the video proposal into anything, it should be Grey’s. We hadn’t watched the episode of Grey’s Anatomy from the week prior; I knew that’s what she’d want to watch with dinner, so I set the plan in action. I grabbed the episode off the internet (yes, illegally. Do I care that I didn’t pay for one episode of a show in order to facilitate my proposal? No.) and spliced it at the 35 minute mark (Jorge and I had a whole conversation about where to insert it, based on how long he thought it would take to eat and then sit back down on the couch, so that we weren’t mid-dinner when it happened), burned a MOV file, and waited.

We ate dinner. Well, Allison ate dinner. I was too nervous. I waited, impatiently, for the episode to hit that point. Ironically, I spliced it in at a point when one character asked another character to marry him, and she was in the middle of saying “no.”  I started counting down to the point when I knew my movie would kick in.

And it did.

I remember not moving or saying a word as it started, waiting to see what her reaction was. After about 30 seconds, she grabbed my hand in hers and leaned on me. I knew that she knew what was happening. And by her reaction, I knew that she was going to say yes. We made it through the slideshow, and then the video. As soon as the video ended, I pulled the ring box out from under a pillow on the couch and got down on one knee. She was starting to cry and it was all I could do to keep it together myself.

I asked her to marry me. And she said, with no hesitation… yes.

And then we called a bazillion people. I wanted to tweet it immediately, but one of her sisters didn’t answer the phone, so we had to wait until morning.

Some of you may be wondering if I’ll blog about the planning of the wedding, which has a guest list of 300 and counting.

I will. But not from here.

We set up a website for the wedding, and this is the official announcement for it. For all things related to our wedding, go to:

Thanks for joining me on this long-winded tale of love and… long-windedness. And thanks to Twitter, for making it all possible.