Shiny. Like Bender’s ass.

Welcome to my site, Version 2011. You’ll notice some changes. Things have been updated (finally), and spruced up, and new things have been added and subtracted. Take a look around.

The most obvious change is that the pages for Social Media and the Fail Whale Book are gone. While the book is still on sale (check out the Amazon widget on the right), and I’m still helping some clients out with social media, the focus of this site has always been what I was born to do: write music for media. This site was created in January of 2006 to promote Rob Gokee Music; it’s fitting that I bring it back there 100%. I’ve tried running multiple sites for multiple things (one for my book, one for social media clients, one for scoring), and then tried combining them into one, but ultimately my career (and my main source of income) is scoring television, film, webseries & commercials, and the site needs to reflect that.

The biggest change, and thing that consumed the most time, is the new Music page. Everything is separated by show or film, it’s the first time most of these cues have seen the light of day outside the project itself. Huge props to ReverbNation for hosting the cues, providing awesome widgets that let me separate them by playlist, and for being the best place to promote your music if you’re a composer. All these cues are newly remixed and uploaded, you’ve never heard any of them exactly like this. In fact, the score for the feature “Amhurst” was completely remixed and resampled, and sounds 200% better (after 3 14-hour days of mixing) than it did before. There are also unreleased cues, things I liked but ended up not making the final cut. In fact, there are so many cues, I could release an album.

So I am.

I’m working on sequencing, mixing and releasing a “Best Of” album devoted to the world of Webseries; it will include cues from GOLD: Night of the Zombie King, Fallen, my Bitchy-Witchy Paris Vacation, End Result, and many others, including tracks I’m currently writing for Season 1.5 of “SOLO.” Keep an eye on the blog for updates, including peeks at new SOLO cues I won’t post anywhere else (even Twitter). You can even subscribe through Feedburner in the top right corner of the site.

The other big news is that I’m working on a second book, one about scoring in the indie world, particularly in the world of webseries. I’ve read dozens of books about film scoring, and while they all have great nuggets of information, they’re all written from the “studio” perspective. No one writes about what it’s like to be a composer at the indie television & film level, how to find work, market yourself, and how to make a living at it. I’m writing that book. There’s no release date yet; watch here for updates, including peeks at sections of chapters before they’re even close to being published. I promise to spell check them first.

Welcome to my new site. Feel free to tell me what you think, good or bad.

Unless it’s bad. Then keep your damn mouth shut. Just kidding. Not really.

Welcome to my world. Welcome to Rob Gokee Music.