“Sir, You Need to Wear Pants on This Flight.”

The book is starting to prepare for takeoff, and I’m wearing my pilot uniform.

This picture of Allison and I was taken this morning at the Burbank Small Business Networking Breakfast.  It was taken by Jenny Beatty of Bandwagon Graphiks, who apparently had nothing better to do than take pictures during a networking event.  Not shown: Carter Mason picking his underwear out of his butt.

The book is starting to grown some wings.  This morning I brought my last copy, a proof, to the event to show to people when I introduced myself.  I was talked into selling it by a very persuasive man, who didn’t care that it was my only copy and a proof.  I kept saying no until he waved money in my face.

I’ve been trying to perfect my pitch for the book, each time I have to “sell” it to someone it gets a little tighter.  At the networking breakfast, which is a great place to meet other small business owners and held every month (Burbank Small Business Group) by networking whore Carter Mason, I got a chance to talk to people about the book and why I wrote it.

Then I had a meeting with Liz Grover, who talked to me about her own process of writing a book (which will clearly outshine mine) and told me that if I ever visited her hometown of Portland, Oregon, that she’d help me organize an event to promote the book.  I think this will be happening.  That means I get to drink with @writeinmovement, which is a long time coming.

Then I sat down with Jenn Page, who has already purchased a copy of the book and wanted to meet me despite that fact.  She’s the queen of filmmaking events, and is full of so much energy I wanted to siphon some.  She’s also a theater trained actress, so give her a follow if you’re on Twitter.  Unless you’re Jamie Fishback.  Then you need to stop stalking her.  And me.  I’m taken, Jamie, give it up.

If the book was a prop plane, I’d be cracking my knuckles and grabbing the propeller right about now.