Smile….It’s Good To Be Busy

I had a photoshoot recently with Raphe Wolfgang and Raphe Wolfgang Photography. Raphe did an amazing job at making me look human, I’d recommend him without reservation if you’re looking for a good picture taker.  He’s also a damn good Director of Photography.  The results of the shoot will be making their way around the web shortly, as my new profile pictures and in my Facebook album. What do you mean you’re not my friend on Facebook? Get over there already and add me.  After that, head over to my page for Rob Gokee Music and feel free to add yourself there, too.  I’m pushy like that.

Raphe is also going to be taking pictures of me soon for the cover of my book. What book, you say?  What rock have you been hiding under?  It’s an autobiographical book about how my life as a composer (and my non-composer life) have changed over the last 12 months, and how Twitter has played a role in that change.  Head over and check out my other blog, based on writing the book, “In The Belly of the Fail Whale: How Twitter Changed My Life In One Year.”

I’ve been working on literally 7 projects at once for the last few months, so it’s been hectic to say the least.  Instead of a squeezing them all into one blog post, I’m going to take them one post at a time.  It’s the least I can do, every project I’ve worked on deserves the spotlight.

I’ve been splitting my time between Sherman Oaks and Long Beach for the last 4 months, doing scoring work in the studio and non-scoring stuff from Allie’s place in SO.  I know you’re thinking it’s got to be taxing to do all that back-and-forth driving, but with how spread out my meetings are, it actually makes it easier to schedule things depending on what part of town I’m in.

OK, I’ve got a book to write and scores to finish.  And a writing assignment for LIFTr that I’ll blog about later.