Strange Days

It was a weird but productive weekend.  I spent more time concurrently that I think I ever have social networking.  Twitter dominated things the last few days; meeting new people, chatting, reading exciting new blogs, trying not to sound boring when I talked about what I had a craving to eat for dinner… I spent some time trying to find a way to crosspost this blog on MySpace.  I don’t like MySpace.  At all.  But it’s a good tool.  My hope has always been to get the blog readers over here with links from the ‘Space, but not everyone leaves the site just to read a blog that might put them to sleep. Which reminds me…


So I looked into plugins, most of which require the .org version of WordPress, as .com won’t accept them.  I finally landed on, which will do the trick, but with about the same effort as copy and pasting the damn blog myself.  So I’ve decided to post the blogs there as well, either in full or a partial teaser with a link to the rest.  Obviously I’m not posting this one, since I insulted the site a few paragraphs ago.  

I’ve got quite a bit going on this week, hopefully I can find a way to balance my time on Twitter and my ToDo list so that I actually get some stuff done, unlike this weekend.  

In 11:11 news, I talked with Director Rocky Costanzo for a few hours on the phone about the shooting sked, casting, the script.  This is going to be a Big Damn Film, it’s like a snowball rolling downhill gathering girth (which may be a bad analogy, because now I have a vision of a cylindrical snowball…).  I’ve got to find some time this week to work on guitar tones for the score, so that when I start writing I don’t have to waste creative energy dialing in the right “sound” for hours and hours.  Which also reminds me that I should start creating a template of instruments for the orchestral part of the score too, a job that can often take days, and leave you not wanting to write a damn note when you’re finished.

Tomorrow I’ll blog about my creative process.  Bring coffee, it could be a snoozefest.