Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, R.I.P.

First of all, I understand why the network cancelled this show. It was expensive, and no matter how well written something is, it’s there to make a profit. NBC has been struggling as of late (currently the 4th place network), and they can’t afford to keep a wounded horse in the stable.

I loved this show. I loved it when Netflix sent me the pilot episode in advance. I love Schlamme’s walk n’ talks and Sorkin’s dialogue. I loved seeing Matthew Perry break free of Chandler Bing, and I think Bradley Whitford is an amazing actor, and why didn’t I notice him before now? I loved the characters. I even loved the score, despite the fact that I didn’t write it.

But now it’s gone. The loose ends were tied up, the arcs resolved, but it’s still sad that the one new show this season that I latched onto (not counting Lost) was sent out to pasture.

But you learn something from every situation, good or bad. I pre-ordered the DVD set of Studio 60, and the first disc of the first season of West Wing, Sorkin’s other baby, has arrived via Netflix. Thank you Aaron Sorkin and NBC, for opening my eyes a little wider and exposing me to intelligent television.