Tacocity Podcast: Black Rooster Taqueria

Black Rooster Taqueria – 1323 N Mills Ave, Orlando, FL 32803

Twitter: @blkroostertacos  |  Instagram: @blkroostertaco


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  • 1-10 pounds Hatch Green Chiles


  1. A charcoal grill is preferred here for flavor, but a gas grill also works. Heat up the grill and spread the charcoal briquettes evenly once they’re ashen.
  2. Arrange the green chiles in a single layer on the grill. You should flip them overy 3-4 minutes so that they roast evenly. You’re looking for the skin to blacken and blister evenly, over as much of the surface of the chile as you can.
  3. Once they’re fully blackened (make sure not to leave them on too long or they’ll overcook), remove the chiles to a bowl or dish, and repeat as necessary until you’ve roasted all the chiles in your batch. Allow them to cool on the counter.
  4. Once the chiles have cooled, put on a pair of gloves and carefully pull the skin off the chiles. It should come off with a tug, and slide off the rest of the chile easily. Discard the skin.
  5. You can either use the chiles immediately, or freeze them in freezer bags for future use. Frozen chiles will last up to 12 months – fresh chiles should be used within a few days. I prefer the dice them before I bag them so they’re ready to go when I defrost them at a future date. Enjoy!