The Composer/Director Relationship

As a composer, my goal is to find a relationship with a director that’s repetitive because, even for us, it is so much more about who you’re working with than anything else. There’s a blurry line for directors and composers between working relationships and friendships, a good one should be equal parts of both. I’ve recently found a director, writer/director Angelo Bell to be exact, that echos those sentiments, and in the last month he’s been scrambling to have me re-score his shorts from last year, in both an act of friendship and to add an increase in the production value of the films. My point is that our friendship and working relationship are almost one, and the result at my end is wanting to write for him constantly, because frankly, despite the positive financial aspect, it’s fun. It’s fun to work with someone whose vision you understand, and who understands yours. It’s fun to work with someone who understands your creative process, and despite the friendship is willing and able to give criticism and ask for changes without hesitation when the cue doesn’t quite fit, “forcing” me to write something else that is perfect for the scene and would not have been created otherwise. However, if Angelo’s feature later this year got picked up by Sony, and Hans Zimmer called looking to score it, I would gladly push him in the direction of the famed composer and wish him the best, and I’d be here when he got done if he needed me.

Also, I’d request to sit in on the scoring session, but that’s just the fan boy in me talking.