The day after the LA Shorts Fest

Hannah and I attended the festival premiere of “Renounced” yesterday in Burbank at the 2007 LA Shorts Festival. It was one of three films screening that I scored for director Angelo Bell, and it was the only one of the three that had never been in a fest before. It’s always strange to hear something I wrote on a large screen, with an audience. I think I was sweating despite the air conditioning. Pictures were taken, by Angelo’s production partner and Producer Daryll Harkless (who’s film “I Know Who Shot You,” also scored by yours truly, screened Wednesday night). At some point I should have copies and will be posting them here or on my site. Next month, another fest at downtown Disney for “Until Next Time.” 

I finished up “Level of Trust” this morning. Pending final approval, it should be in director Steve Royall’s hands Thursday, either before or after my meeting at Monster Effects to screen the (almost)locked cut of “Eyes of the Woods.” I started scoring EotW in May, and after some reshoots and a chance in editorial direction, the film is ready for me to continue scoring. The film should get a DVD release before the end of the year.

That’s it for today, I got up way to early compared to the time I went to bed (damn you, West Wing!), and this was all the blogging I could muster for now. I’ll cover anything I missed later.