The Gokee ToDo List

Hey. I’m notorious for creating lists. LONG lists. My brain is always going, 200 mph, on a variety of topics. The only way I can get stuff done, and not forget half of it, is to create to do lists. Last night, I typed up a doosey. While Hannah browsed on her laptop and Good Eats played in the background on the DVR, armed with a notepad and my Palm T/X (I’ve been a faithful Palm user for almost three years, and will NEVER be purchasing an iPhone. I’d buy a Motorola Q first.), I wrote a new list of master tasks, and then proceeded to add in individual tasks. I’m looking at Outlook on the other monitor right now and see that the list is at 116. The endless list method seems to work better for me than anything else, and I’ve tried different permeations of it for many years. The method I use currently is based on a chapter in the book The Inner Game of Music by Barry Green. It’s an amazing book that I got from the Denver Public Library years ago (yes, I returned it), and last December got a copy from my future mother-in-law. The book talks about breaking things down to the simplest form. For example, if you’re trying to learn an entire piece of music, you create items in your to do list that graduate down to maybe working 1 bar for 15 minutes. I love this method, and I find that it works well. One issue I have with Outlook is that you can’t create a list this way; you can’t create a list within a list. I tried MS Project, which is a great program… if I’m building a high rise. My way around it, after reading a 1000 page Outlook 2003 manual, was to create a custom form and call it “Projects,” and then “attach” tasks to the project. The other way, which I employed last night, was to create categories based on the master list, and then assign tasks to the appropriate category. For those of you who haven’t fallen asleep yet, my category list as of last night is the following:

  • Accounting (all things biz based; contracts, receipts, upgrades, etc)
  • Bell Gokee Productions (a new venture with Angelo Bell, who will be getting an entry shortly)
  • Education (reading, piano lessons (self taught), self studying, note taking )
  • Financial (all things money, personal accounting stuff)
  • Marketing (self explanatory)
  • My Site (updates and changes)
  • Personal (anything that doesn’t fit into the others, assuming I have time to have a life)
  • Projects (any current productions I’m scoring)
  • Samples (rebuilding, creating, organizing my vast sample library)
  • Exercise (getting back on track)

I won’t bore you (further) with the list itself, but you get the picture. Which reminds me, I should get back to work. Apparently I have things to do.