The Road to Completion

Before I begin this morning’s blog, I need more coffee. Hold on I’ll be right back.

OK, thanks for waiting. I thought Id take a moment before I got started with my day and say hello. I’m working on some cues for a horror film this morning. Most of the score for the film has been written, I’m at a point now where we’re trying to tie up all the loose ends and score the few scenes that are still being recut. The film is called “Eyes of the Woods,” and will be released later this year on DVD. It’s the first feature I’ve done, and the experience has been very smooth and stress free. I wish they were all like that, although, truth be told, I thrive on the stress.

Sometime today I’ll be getting footage for a period piece, “Until Next Time,” by first time writer/producer Kimberly Prendez. Kim’s script and footage are amazing, I can’t wait to dig in score the 20 minute film.

Which reminds me that, unlike MySpace, I won’t be able to post new tracks on here as they’re recorded. Instead, I’ll pop in a link to the tracks and post them to my website instead. It’ll be be a good way to keep me on my toes with my website, and force me to update more regularly.

I have more to say about MySpace, but it will have to wait for another post. I’m not in a ranting kind of mood right now.