The short film that came together in under 7 days

My good friend and talented director Angelo Bell was recently commissioned to create a three minute film, from conception to completion, in under a week. Mr. Bell wrote the script, corralled the crew, nabbed the actors, shot the film, edited it the same night, and got it to me Sunday afternoon to score. I finished the film in the early evening, and by 10pm Angelo was in my studio with the music release form and a copy of the finished product.

Not only did he get it done in time, but everyone involved did a phenomenal job. From the crew (DP Frédéric Chaignat and Production Manager Luan Evans just to name a few), to the actors (AMAZING job by Rebecca Lisi and Jeff Torres (check out his MySpace page here)), to the man himself, Mr. Bell, who is working on the script for his 2007 feature “Broken Hearts Club.”

I not only loved writing the music for this film, but I was proud to be a part of the team. This film is a testament to what you can do if you’re inspired and motivated enough. The cue for the short will be up on my page shortly.

Thank you to everyone involved for reminding me why I chose this career path.