The Sony Project

A few months ago, someone I didn’t know tweeted that his company was looking for a composer. A friend of mine, @sashaloren, recommended me. I was on a conference call that afternoon, and signing a contract the next morning.

The project is from theLIFT, a marketing and branding company based in San Diego. They created a new campaign for Sony, promoting their 5.1 Surround Sound systems in CostcoBest Buy and Fry’s, by designing a walk-in display that showcases the amazing sound you’ll get from Sony’s system. I got to be a part of that sound by creating an epic score that plays over the video, and loops between customers.

The project was not only an awesome opportunity to work with some wonderful people, but fun to compose. I took inspiration from the Transformers 3 trailer, Tron DVD menu and the Prometheus trailer to create a score that envelops and excites the listener.

At least that’s my hope. As long as it doesn’t put you to sleep.

The display should be in stores now, sound off in the comments if you’ve seen & heard it, and what you think of the system itself. Huge thanks to Ricky & Brandon at theLIFT – they were easy and fun to work with, and I’m looking forward to doing it again in the future.

All of this came about because of Twitter, and the people that I’m connected to. How has Twitter connected YOU to people that change your life?