Tribe Hollywood (an unofficial endorsement)

I’m about to go meet director Kimberly Prendez (Until Next Time) for coffee, and I thought it would be a good time to drop an update. I’ve forgotten what the real world looks like, at least the world outside my studio. I’m just over halfway through the 60 sessions I’ve recorded, remixing cues. There have been some surprises, things I heard that made me wonder “why didn’t I use that on my site before?,” and other things that made me hit “delete.” Everything is getting a new name, because they’re essentially new cues, with a few exceptions. 

I’m making the first round of changes to “Level of Trust” today, and then I’ll officially be caught up…temporarily. I got a call from a director I met last year about two features shes doing and may need a composer, we almost worked together on a project called “Walk By Faith” last summer. If those pan out, it will take me through Broken Hearts Club in February.

In honor of the demo update, the first “real” change since created my first one in December of 2005, I spent an afternoon researching Flash templates and came across one that caught my eye. While I like the one I’m using on my website (go here to see it), there are some things about the design that I don’t love. The background, while animated nicely, is too pixelated and looks blurry. The scrolling feature for every section is clunky. I don’t like the way I have to organize the cues. So… I got a new one. What does it look like, you ask? I’m reading an advanced Flash book to increase my knowledge of the program, and getting ready to tackle the template and customize the hell out of it. Everyone will know in a few weeks when I unveil it with the new cues. Stay tuned.

I wanted to mention a photographer I came across named Chris Anthony. He’s an amazing artist, his stuff is very raw and unapologetic. Go see his work.

Finally, and by no means least important, I need to give props to a site that, for me anyway, makes MySpace obsolete. It’s called Tribe Hollywood, and it’s set up very much like the ‘Space, except that it’s a networking site for entertainment industry professionals only. I got an invite from Angelo, and popped in to check it out. I was amazed how closely the design resembled that “other” site, and I immediately set up a profile and proceeded to network. In the next few weeks I’m going to pass the site on to my small ensemble of MySpace friends, in the hopes that they’ll convert.

That’s all for now, go back to your regularly scheduled Sunday.