I thought a quick post about Twitter was in order, since I seem to be spending all my time there as of late.  For those of you not aware, Twitter is not just another tool in the webverse of social networking.  As a small business owner (as a composer, it really is a small business.  You have to run things as such, unless you want things to fall apart and the IRS to visit your door), I’ve recently realized how much of a benefit Twitter can be. 

On the surface, Twitter is an “update” tool used to keep you, your family, friends and colleagues in the loop of each others lives.  You can post picture links, articles or gossip you just read, and what the guy in front of you at the grocery store smells like.  You can update via the web, a third-party application like TweetDeck, or from your phone (sms or an application like TinyTwitter).

But from a networking standpoint Twitter is a gold mine.  If you follow the right people, you not only have the opportunity to talk with people in the same field, you’ll find blogs on marketing and the web that you may not otherwise come across.  I’ve bookmarked a dozen articles in the last week alone that have valuable insight and information on how to market your business in today’s market.  I’ve met other filmmakers, I’ve chatted with other composers and writers about their process.  

I’m excited about the opportunity that Twitter has opened up for me, although I wish the site came with some extra hours you can tack on to your day…