Two new scores written in the last week

Third post this morning, I’m on a blog roll today. Get it, blogroll?

(Silence. Someone coughs, and a tumbleweed blows by.)

Anyway, I wanted to give props to two great filmmakers I had the chance to work with this weekend, and cues will be posted shortly. The first is filmmaker Chris Bryant, who wrote, directed and shot his short film about consumerism, “Buy.” Chris wanted an urban feel for the score, and the stuff I came up with is like nothing else I’ve written, I had a great time expanding my palette. Chris and I chatted over Starbucks yesterday afternoon, he’s great to talk to and has a lot of exciting things in the near future, and I hope to be a part of them. Stop by his page and say hi, before long you’ll have to view him from the other side of the red carpet.

Also, just last night I finished a score for the multi-talented Luan Evans. Luan’s short film, “It’s Not Where They Go…It’s Where They Come From” is a hilarious look at why socks disappear into the dryer. Luan wanted a score that emphasized the humor, but still retained some sense of seriousness. The result was a peppy theme that turned dark when the heroine, played by the talented and beautiful Rebecca Lisi from Angelo Bell’s short “The First Time,” is put in peril. Luan has built a reputation around Hollywood for being talented, easy to work with, and fun to be around, and I’m here to report that all three are true. I’ve wanted to work with her for some time, and it was a great experience.

Thanks for your time, visit the links and say hi to them when you get a chance, you’ll be glad you did.