I wanted to inform everyone of some changes and new things coming up in the next few months. For the next several weeks I’ll be busy scoring two new shorts. “No Greater Love” is a story of sacrifice and the love between sisters, and will be submitted to the “On the Lot” competition. “Office Beast” follows, a thriller about a beast loose inside an office building, and it should be hitting the festival circuit in 2007. After that, the horror feature “Eyes of the Woods,” which is drawing attention from studios and reviewers alike will be hitting post and I’ll be making my contribution as the composer.

I’m going to be starting a new series in the blog as well, called “dissection,” where I take my score a film at a time and talk about not only the process of writing and recording the pieces, but why I went with a particular set of instruments or melody. This series will be of particular interest to filmmakers interested in collaborating, and will give you more insight into my creative process and what to expect if I’m hired to score your project. Also included will be some of the cues from the films, so that you can hear the music that accompanied the scenes. Look for “dissection” to premiere in late spring, I’ll post more info here as we get closer.

Exciting things are happening in 2007, keep watching both sites for more information. I hope everyone had a great beginning of the year, and each of you are moving toward your own personal goals for the new year.