Updates and Musing

I’ve been ignoring the blog, hoping it would write itself for awhile. Apparently, I have to type the words myself.

I went to a meeting last night in Lakewood for the LBCC film association, I met a few people from here that I only knew digitally, a few new people, and I spent some time (and 2 pitchers of beer) talking Broken Hearts Club with Writer/Director Angelo Bell. Angelo is trying to secure additional funding for the film, but regardless production is around the corner. I always have a good time talking with Angelo; the topic can go from films to music to where we grew up without missing a beat. I’ve already started on some of the character themes, as well as the opening titles.

I’m working with Tawan Bazemore on his beautifully tragic film “P.O.V.” this week, it’s been a wonderful experience so far, and I’m excited to pair music and film into one cohesive piece of art.

Kimberly Prendez has gone into post with “Until Next Time,” a period piece that will be hitting the festival circuit later this year. Check out the film’s profile.

I’m doing three short documentaries for Excellent Journey Picturesas well, the same team I worked with on the 2006 168 Hr Fest Best Comedy winner “Bag.”

Finally (but not any less important), I’ll be contributing another track for the next episode of “Inbetween,” slated for the end of May. Hit em up and check out the first two eps before the 3rd comes out.

I’ll be updating the cues here on the ‘Space as they’re finished, but if you head over to my personal site you can hear over 30 different cues and get the latest info on what I’m working on.

I hope everyone is surviving this mini heatwave in LA, hit me up if you need anything or have any questions.