Updates and Upcoming Projects

Hi everyone… I wanted to take a few minutes and talk about what I’ve been working on for the past few weeks and what’s to come in the month of September.

I just finished the amazing short film “3 Down,” by Trevor Jones and Kristyn Benedyk of Reel Farm Films… It’s Sundance bound, as am I next year for the first time… This film was a joy to write for, and Kris and Trevor were so easy to work with that it made the process smooth… I’ve uploaded a few of the unused tracks to my home page (Noel, We’ll Always Have Paris and Letter Box); please check them out when you get a chance… Reel Farm is busy with more projects as well, check out their page for more info and be sure to add them!

I’m scoring the short film “Russian Doll” by New York-based filmmaker Eva Midgley… It’s a well-lensed piece with no dialogue, and I’ll preview the music here first as soon as it’s done!

The famed short “Legend of Drunken Monk” that I scored a few months ago is almost ready for the festival circuit… I’m working with Writer/Producer Robert Jordan of Jordanfilm Empirical Pictures to come up with new opening credits music… The film should be on it’s way to Sundance as well, check out film’s page here.

I’m also working with Robert Kanno, who was the DP on “Drunken Monk.”.. He’s producing a cable access interview show and commissioned me to write opening and closing credits for the show… You can find more info about Robert here, he’s a great DP, professional and easy to work with… Drop him an email if you’re looking for someone on your next project.

I’m starting a soundtrack for the sci-fi web series “Dark Commandos” this month as well… The series started out as a web-only season of episodes, and season 2 is in pre-production as we speak… I’ll be coming up with music for not only the website itself, but for a soundtrack album, and I’ll be re-scoring the first season for a DVD release in the near future…

I’ll be finishing up the comedic short “My Baby’s Daddys” by filmmaker Fizaa Dosani of Miami… Fizaa is a unique filmmaker who has previously done other shorts in Florida and received high acclaim, and I’ll put up some tracks as soon as they’re done.

The gospel film “Walk..By Faith” is now in post production, and editing is nearing completion… I’ll be scoring the film later this month, directed by Jill Maxcy and produced by Nu-Lite Entertainment… Look for it direct-to-DVD shortly after its completion.

I did some overdubs for Writer/Producer Steve Alper, who’s finishing up a TV pilot for a festival in New York.

Finally, I’m working with friend and fellow composer Dino Dumandan to create music for his new trailer house… With an emphasis of quality over quantity, I’ll be working on music for his library of horror trailers… Keep watching my blog for updates and licensing information in the near future… And stop by Dino’s page; he’s got some great cues up from previous films.

That’s about it for the month of September, October is “building the new studio” month, and I’ll be posting before and after pics as they occur… Eventually, I’ll get some pics of me up on the site as well… Thanks for reading, and keep in touch!.. Have a great rest of the weekend!.. Now if I can just get a Starbucks built into my house…