Wridden Hard

This feels like me today.  In the mouth of the whale, being chewed up.  It’s been a long week and a half, trying to make a run for the finish line with the writering part of the book.  Yeah, I just made that word up. @mikehalper said it was OK, and he should know, because he’s a professional screenwriterer.

There are exciting things coming to the site.  Updates, ordering information, giveaways, evil clowns… hold on, scratch that last thing, that’s author Jeremy Shipp’s thing.  Go tell him I said hi, he’s writering some great things right now.

A lot of this book is being written from my studio where I also write music.  I’ve also written a lot of it from @alliecine’sbed, hours and hours at a time.  In between riding mechanical bulls for fun.


When I’m not making a complete ass of myself (and trust me, it’s a full time job), I’m writering.  A lot.  In fact, why am I here talking to you people?  I have to get back to it.  If you’re bored, go ask @JonathanNail when @SOLOtheSeries is coming out, and he’ll tell you when his composer gets off his ass and writes the score.