You Don’t Have To Wear Pants On The Radio

I’ve known Gina Yates and Jason Burns (pictured above is Gina and Jeff Phillips, the other third of LAGenX, who I met the day of the broadcast) from LAGenX for a long time.  I’ve been following Gina almost since the beginning of my time on Twitter, and reading the ramblings of Jason for about the same.  Gina and I met at my first tweetup, which you can read about in the book (Porn Icon Ron Jeremy stopped by too), so when the release date for the book was nigh, I approached Gina about pimping out the book for me on their Saturday morning radio show, LAGenX.

Gina thought it would be a great idea to talk about the book on the air.  A few weeks later she asked if I wanted to come over to the studio for an on-air interview.  Then Jason had to take a weekend off and suddenly I was guest hosting.  If you’ve never listened to LAGenX, you should start now.  It’s a great show that broadcasts on Saturday mornings from 11am to noon PST.  Gina, Jason and Jeff Phillips talk about current events, new music, sometimes even sex toys.  I swear, ask Jason.

I met with Gina and Jeff 3 hours before the show to go over the format.  Gina Yates is funny and full of energy all the time, like a rabbit in heat.  She also likes cats.  A lot.  She had over 30 of them in her condo.  Every one has a name, and they all sleep in her bed.

OK, fine, she has 2 cats.  But they get more respect from her than Jason and Jeff do.

Jeff Phillips is a musician, a spectacular one, so we bonded immediately.  Jeff is funny, laid back, and has a bet with Gina that involved him washing her car in a speedo if he loses.  If Gina loses, she has to wash his car in a bikini.  And no matter who wins, Jason gets to sit in the driveway with a cocktail and a lawn chair, laughing and taking pictures.

Jason Burns is also know as the voice of PHAL in the upcoming webseries “SOLO The Series.”  I’m pimping it out here because I’m scoring it.  And it’s damn good.  The show, not the score.  Well, the score is good too, but only because the show is.  Jason has the perfect voice for radio.  And phone sex operator.

So, over coffee and eggs, we talked about current events, what I wanted to cover about the book, whether or not I had to wear pants on set… the usual stuff.  I was nervous.  I’d never done radio before.  But I was also excited, it was the first promotional opportunity I’d had for the book.

We went across the street to the studio and went on the air.  Gina and Jeff have this flow to their conversation.  They’re both so good at what they do that it’s second nature to them, and as someone on the outside, I had to find my place.  It took me a few minutes, but I found the flow.  And I had fun.  The trick was not to think about how many people were listening, including my parents, but to treat it like a conversation with Jeff and Gina, just like we had at breakfast.  It was great, we even had call-ins.  Who called in and what did they ask?  You’re going to have to listen to find that out.  The podcast of the show is archived here:

LAGenX Podcast – Episode 45 – January 16, 2010

And you can subscribe to LAGenX on iTunes here:

LAGenX on iTunes

I will tell you that @cartermason made an appearance, and made a “wang” joke that bombed.  Listen to LAGenX this weekend, and if you call in, tell Gina and Jeff I sent you.  Tell Jason to go f— actually, just tell him I said hi.